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CEU Questions
1.How SavvyCE Works?

2.What material is approved for credit?

3.How are courses evaluated?

4.Sample Evaluation Form

5.Sample Qualify Form

6.How are CEUs calculated?

7.How to earn your units?
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Itís easy, fast and inexpensive:
  • Answer a few questions about the material you're submitting
  • Complete the evaluation form which includes 3 brief essay questions
  • Pay only $9 per unit (Credit Card or Check) on the SavvyCE SSL Secure Website
  • Print your certifcate online after approval (typically less than 4 hours)

  • 8.Your Certificate

    9.What do I need to get started?

    10.What is the definition of scope of practice?

    11.Terms of Service

    12.Terms of Use



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