1.What material is approved for credit?
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ANY non-fiction material will be approved for credit if it meets the following criteria:
  • A minimum of 1 CEU (books > 39pages)
  • The course is relevant to a MFT and/or LCSW scope of practice.
  • The course incorporates information that is fundamental, or is a recent significant developement, or enhances the understanding or practice of counseling or social work.
  • The author/speaker is knowledgable on the subject.
  • The course is NOT intended for business use such as: financial gain, career development, time management, software, computers, etc.

    Upon final submission, the data entered into the qualification and evaluation/test page is reviewed by SavvyCE for content and accuracy. If the data entered is accurate the material is approved for credit.

    Visit the Suggested Reading Page to see what SavvyCE Clients are reading.

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